Sarah Someplace is based on sharing real travel experiences with real people. I am always open to collaborating with brands and partners that fit this niche.

All partnerships will include a disclosure.


Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews // Want me to try your product, restaurant, hotel etc.? I’d love to try it and write about it!

Press Trips // These are a fun and effective way to promote your destination, tour, activity or vacation package. I will provide extensive coverage based on exactly what you are looking for.

Guest Posts // Sit back and let me do the hard work! I can provide relevant and engaging content for you.

Advertising, Contests, Giveaways // Get your brand in front of more people by partnering with me.

Editing // I find spelling and grammar mistakes all the time – like every single day. Don’t be this person! Being a good writer and being a good editor do not always come hand-in-hand. Let me proof your posts before they reach your audience. A polished piece makes all the difference when trying to grow your audience.

Freelance Writing // I enjoy writing about travel, but I also have interest and knowledge in tons of things outside of the travel sphere. Reach out to me to discuss the possibilities.


My work is done with passion and commitment. I offer an unmatched level of professionalism and detail. My rates are fair and negotiable. Please contact me to discuss a partnership.


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