Capo’s Speakeasy in Las Vegas
A speakeasy in Sin City? I'm in!

Capo’s Speakeasy in Las Vegas

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Are you looking for a fun night off the Las Vegas strip? Look no further. Capo’s speakeasy in Las Vegas is a great way to enjoy a different side of Sin City. Offering delicious food, mob-themed ambiance, live music, and a little bit of mystery, Capo’s Speakeasy in Las Vegas is a prohibition era restaurant that has a secret entrance and requires a password in order to enter.

Capo’s Speakeasy in Las Vegas is one of those local gems that I love to find when visiting new cities. When the locals want to know how you found out about a restaurant, that’s when I know I am in the right place. Visiting a speakeasy is something I love to do during my travels. I’ve visited them in many cities so it has become a “thing” to look for everywhere I go. I love the secrecy, the feeling of going back in time and the (usually) delicious food and drinks.

Read on to learn about Capo’s Speakeasy in Las Vegas and add it to your go-to list for the next time you are in Las Vegas.

Reservations at Capo’s Speakeasy in Las Vegas

Reservations are not required but are recommended. They do get very busy at times and finding a seat can prove difficult. Luckily, Capo’s Speakeasy has made the reservation process extremely convenient – which is not always the case for off the wall places, trust me. You can make a reservation on Open Table. You can call or text Capo’s Speakeasy at 702-364-2276. Email is another option at mailto: If you decide to drop in on a whim without making reservations, still try to call or text ahead of time. They will give you a password to enter. Don’t forget it! Although I am sure they won’t off you if you forget… hopefully.

Getting to Capo’s Speakeasy in Las Vegas

I recommend renting a car while in Las Vegas. Especially if you want to do more than hang out on the Strip, which I highly recommend you try to get away from for at least a day. 

If you live in Las Vegas or you are visiting and have a car, driving to Capo’s Speakeasy is easy.  Driving there takes about 15 minutes from the Las Vegas strip and there is plenty of parking. No car? No problem. Take an Uber or Lyft directly to Capo’s Speakeasy at 5675 W. Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas NV. My group used Uber and had no problems finding one back to the strip after dinner. The ride was around $15 each way, plus tip. I thought Capo’s Speakeasy was well worth the experience, even with the added cost to get there.

Warning: You won’t immediately know you’ve arrived at Capo’s Speakeasy because the outside is very inconspicuous. The restaurant has no windows and the parking lot is a bit dark, so you can’t see the sign from the road. There are a lot of businesses around and the area is quite safe, but the outside décor (or lack thereof) may turn some people off. Don’t be discouraged! This incognito decor adds to the idea of entering an illegal speakeasy. Our driver actually knew the restaurant well and spoke very highly of their steaks, something we did not get to try, so he let us know when we arrived.

Getting Inside Capo’s Speakeasy in Las Vegas

Find the door around back. It is red with a big red “C” on it. Enter and ring the bell inside. You will be greeted with a surprise. No spoilers here, half the fun is getting in! Upon entering, you will immediately notice the mobster theme of the place. Walking through the door is like transporting back in time to a different era. The restaurant is very dark and dimly lit. In fact, small flashlights are attached to the menus to help diners see what they are ordering. Red leather booths line the walls with tables mixed in between. There is a nice long bar to the right with the kitchen directly behind it.

Capo's Speakeasy Door
Does the giant red “C” stand for cool??

The live piano player and singer are a nice touch and filled the air with appropriate era music during our dining experience. The vibe is more laid back then the high-end restaurants you find in the hotels on the strip, but not so much that you feel overdressed. I wore black jeans and a nicer top and felt like I fit in perfectly fine. If you really want to go all out and dress the part, you would not be out of place in dress pants with a button up or a dress. The restrooms are adequate but could use some updating and some extra touches to make them go along with the speakeasy vibe.

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The Menu at Capo’s Speakeasy in Las Vegas

The menu at Capo’s Speakeasy is one of the highlights of the whole experience. With dishes like “Bust a Cap”, “Sawed Off Sausage & Peppers” and “Tommy Gun’s Turtle Cheesecake”, the menu adds a bit of fun to the mobster theme that Capo’s Speakeasy does so well. Their entree items come with a salad or soup and fresh bread. The non-pasta dishes come with a choice of side dish. Choose from spaghetti with house-made sauce, mushroom risotto, garlic mashed potatoes or the vegetable of the day.

There is quite a large selection of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Entrees offer options ranging from pasta to steaks to chicken. There were four of us and we ordered a nice range of meals to try.

The salads came first. There is a choice of a house Italian or a creamy garlic dressing. Both were flavorful, but I enjoyed the creamy garlic best. There is a piece of artichoke included, so if that is something you do not like, be sure to ask them to skip it. I thought it was a nice touch to what is normally a pretty bland start to a meal.

The “Da Don’s Lasagna” included a duo of meats in the form of Italian sausage and meatballs within layers of cheeses and pasta. The layers were piled high. My father, who boasts a certificate for finishing the lasagna from Fenicci’s, could not finish the whole piece.

I’ve had excellent eggplant Parmesan and really crappy eggplant Parmesan. “Capo’s Eggplant Parmigiana” ranks number one out of all the eggplant Parmesan’s I have tried. It was crispy, it was tender, the sauce was sweet, but not too sweet, the pasta was fresh… the list goes on. Needless to say, I liked it a lot. The portion size was large enough that I had leftovers which I heated up in the microwave at our condo at MGM Signature Towers a day later and it was still delicious. That is hard to do.

Capos Speakeasy Entree
The most delicious eggplant… ever!

“Mad Dog Marsala” is Capo’s version of chicken Marsala and is done with a demi-glaze which produces a slightly thicker sauce than I am used to. The description indicates a touch of cream is also added. I didn’t see evidence of that, but it could have been overlooked. The chicken was tender and easy to cut into. The selected side was spaghetti and we assumed the chicken and Marsala sauce would come over the pasta, but instead it came with a side of spaghetti and red sauce. Still very good, just an interesting pairing. I’m sure you could ask for the pasta along with the dish.

“Stuffed Chicken Anastasia” was Colin’s choice and it was a good one. Chicken breast stuffed with ricotta and spinach, topped with house-made sauce and a pink sauce. The flavor was delicious and the sauces were a nice pairing to the ricotta and spinach combination. His chosen side was the mushroom risotto, to my amazement. One, because he all but hates mushrooms, and two because I figured he’d go for the homemade pasta at a predominantly Italian restaurant. Boy am I glad he didn’t. We both ended up loving this risotto and fought over the last bite.

Capos Speakeasy Entree
Mushroom risotto? Yes, please.

For dessert, we tried “Big Al’s Ricotta Cheese Cake” and “Dillinger’s” cannoli’s. My mother proclaimed the cheesecake to be the best she has ever had. We shared it three ways and enjoyed the strawberry sauce on the side along with the clearly homemade whipped cream. It did not last long. Colin chose one plain cannoli and one chocolate dipped. I am not a cannoli fan, but he gets them whenever available. With these, he basically licked the plate clean. I think that means they were good.

Capos Speakeasy Dessert
Cannolis? Ill take two!

Service at Capo’s Speakeasy in Las Vegas

Service at Capo’s Speakeasy was very good. Water was served right as we were seated and promptly refilled throughout the meal. Our server was attentive and no portion of the meal took too long to come to the table. Bread service and checking in was good as well. No complaints at all about service!

Discounts at Capo’s Speakeasy in Las Vegas

Tuesday’s are a special local’s day at Capo’s Speakeasy. They offer buy one, get one, entrees for dinner, but do require a valid Nevada ID. If you are visiting from out of state and still want to save, check out Capo’s Speakeasy for lunch.

Right now Groupon is offering discounted vouchers in different denominations for lunch. Tip: Sign up for Ebates through this link and receive a $10 bonus, plus 6% cash back on the purchase of your Capo’s Speakeasy voucher on Groupon.

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Capo’s Speakeasy came highly recommended to me and I am glad I listened to all the rave reviews. I loved the theme and the mystery of entering a prohibition-era speakeasy. Service was good, portion sizes were large and the food was delicious. The trip to get there was well worth the cost and it proved to be a very fun night off of the Las Vegas strip.


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Have you been to Capo’s Italian Steakhouse and Speakeasy? Would you try it? Let me know in the comments!


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