The Best Show in Las Vegas: Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace
All the details you need on Absinthe, including how to purchase discount tickets.

The Best Show in Las Vegas: Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace

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One of the highlights of the entire Las Vegas trip was seeing Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace. In my opinion, it is the best show in Las Vegas. Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace truly has something to offer everyone in your travel party. I’ve been recommending Absinthe to everyone who asks, so I decide to write a dedicated post to all things Absinthe Las Vegas. Read along for a review of Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace, useful information on the show, and even how to purchase discounted tickets.

What is Absinthe?

Well, technically speaking, absinthe is an alcoholic drink that is green in color and is known to induce hallucinogens of green fairy’s…. but, in regards to the show, Absinthe has been in Las Vegas now for seven years with a running stint at Caesar’s Palace. While the acts and actors change with time, there are two main recurring roles. The main host of the show is the Gazillionaire. He is sleazy by all accounts, but he owns the show and serves as the main comic relief between acts. His assistant, Penny, is the runner-up of comedic (albeit sexual) relief and the two work in tandem to bring laughs. The dynamic between the two really works as they both distract the audience when the preparation is happening for the next act on stage. They are so engaging and funny you don’t even notice the stage crew working away to bring the next amazing main attraction.

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Location of Absinthe

Absinthe is located at Caesar’s Palace on the strip. However, it is not inside Caesar’s Palace. The show takes place in an actual Spiegeltent from Germany, right outside of Caesar’s Palace in the Roman Plaza. More precisely, the red and white striped tent is located directly behind Hell’s Kitchen. If you listen very closely, you might hear Gordon Ramsey yelling at some poor soul while waiting in line to get in the tent – that is how close it is. You can see the tent and the lights around the top of it from the strip. With a drop off at Caesar’s Palace main entrance, it is a short walk to the left to reach the Roman Plaza and tent. Driving? Simply valet at Caesar’s Palace.

Absinthe at Caesars Palace
Flying through the air together at Absinthe.

Getting To Absinthe

Vegas is SO much bigger than I ever imagined. I did tons of research before leaving and nothing prepared me for how large everything is, or how long it would take to get everywhere. Take whatever you imagine Las Vegas looks like, and times it by four, at least. So, in my naive state, I thought a quick .7 mile walk to Caesars Palace from the MGM Grand would be a piece of cake. Boy, was I wrong. Mind you, I was in heels, not my trusted travel shoes, so that did not help the matter. After walking for what felt like forever, waiting at multiple crosswalks, walking up, and then down, a few pedestrian bridges, only to move a couple of feet, and beginning to break a sweat, our group gave in and called an Uber. If you insist on walking, leave plenty of time – especially in the heat. Otherwise, simply take a convenient taxi or ride share from the get-go. Luckily, not everything about Las Vegas being larger than life is a bad thing! Case in point – ABSINTHE at Caesar’s Palace! The larger than life, mother of all Las Vegas shows.

The Best Show in Las Vegas Absinthe at Caesars Palace
The UK does it best at Absinthe.

Restrooms at Absinthe

Remember when I told you how close the Absinthe tent is to Hell’s Kitchen? Well, it is so close, in fact, that the restrooms for Absinthe are connected to and directly outside of Hell’s Kitchen. Just look for the red-hot flames coming out of the restaurant steps. Then look right, and you will see the restrooms. Now, this is important so listen closely. Go to the bathroom before the show! The seats are TIGHT (more on that in a bit). And I mean touching the legs of the person next to you and knees hitting the chair in front of you tight. I didn’t mind it, but I would have had to literally sit on the stranger’s lap next to me to get out of the row. Just do yourself a favor and go to the bathroom prior to the show. It is only an hour and a half long and, besides, you don’t want to miss any part of this amazing show! Trust me.

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Photos at Absinthe

Are allowed. Thank goodness! The proof is in the pictures. If you can’t put it on social media, did it really even happen? ANYWAY, score! Just be sure to turn off the flash. There is no flash photography allowed inside the tent. Please be respectful of this. The show actors are performing some seriously dangerous stunts and a flash could cause them to lose focus and hurt themselves along with everyone sitting in the first few rows.

Bonus 1: The event staff will take a picture of you and your group before entering the tent if you are there early enough. These feature enhancing pictures (seriously, they made me look really good) will be available for purchase after the show and include a very nice Absinthe themed frame around them. Bonus 2: Cut outs with head holes. Yes, I believe that is the official name of these things. Whatever they are called, we love doing them whenever we see them. Scratch that, I love doing them and I drag Colin along with me. He usually obliges. Case in point, below… 

Absinthe at Caesars Palace
Fun memories at Absinthe.

In the Roman Plaza outside the Absinthe tent, there is a neat head cut out of the Bazillionaire and Penny, the two MC’s of the show. Pop your noggin in there for a nice photo either before or after the show for a free memento of your time spent at Absinthe. Beware of the NSFW writing behind the cutouts. Colin laughed like a schoolgirl when he saw it. I won’t spoil it for you, but definitely take a closer look and comment below if you find it.

Content Warning for Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace

Absinthe at Caesars Palace
Roller skating acrobatics at Absinthe.

This is actually one of the things I could not find much information on before purchasing tickets, so I want to share with you as much as I can about the content of this show. Everything I read prior told me the show was for adults only, had some adult-themed content and if I was easily offended not to attend. This is all true advice. I knew I was game, but I was trying to decide if I was comfortable attending the show with my parents, both in their 60’s. Therefore, this lack of specific detail left me confused.

My honest thoughts? The content of this show is rated RX. What is RX you ask? Well, I made it up. The R rating is mostly for language. There are a decent amount of F-bombs and some other R rated language. If you can watch an R rated movie, you’ll be fine in this department. The X rating is more or less for words rather than things you see with your eyes. No, you don’t see any nipples. But you almost do! No one is naked, but they are close enough at times. More than what you see, the comedy portion (and X rated portion) of the show is very sexual in nature. It is hilarious! But only you know if you’re offended by such talk. 

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There are also jokes about race, nationalities, gender, sexual orientation, political parties, and on and on. No topic is off limits. The best (or worst if it’s you) part is, these jokes are directly tied to audience members. Sitting in the first few rows makes you a contender for being a part of the show. This means you could be the bud of a racial or sexual joke, or you could be performing a strip tease dance for a free drink. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Honestly though – If you can tolerate comedians like Dane Cook or Robin Williams (on their late night specials) then I think you will be fine. Enjoy their stuff? Then you will be laughing off your tiny folding chair. Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace is a combination of a Cirque Du Solei performance, burlesque dance and a raunchy comedy stand up show. And it works so well! The best part is, you get the BEST seat to see it all.

Seating at Absinthe

Seating at Absinthe is different from anything I’ve ever seen at an expensive stage show. Seats are an eclectic collection of wooden and folding chairs. You may even have to temporarily give one up to be used as a prop during one of the acts. Are they comfortable? Not really. However, the show is so entertaining, I completely forgot about what I was sitting on. Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace is a small, intimate event – in a good way. No seat is more than eleven rows from the stage. No matter what seat you choose, you are going to feel like a part of the show. The setup is “in the round” so the front row is literally inches from the stage. In fact, at one point, there are instructions for the first few rows not to stand up for fear they may be kicked in the head. Seriously, it’s that close! There really is no bad seat in the house.

Absinthe at Caesars Palace
The spectacular stacking men at Absinthe.

However, with only 600 seats in total, purchasing tickets early is essential. Especially if you want one of the coveted VIP seats. There are a few sets of tables available that seat you on an elevated platform and offer a great view. These tables also give you much more legroom and come with a complimentary drink and a place to set it down. If you decide to splurge, I recommend the tables in Section Two. These put you near the entrance of the tent and in close proximity of the inside bar. They also offer a great, straight-line view of the piano stage, which is where Penny performs her acts. If you want to be right in the action, the first three rows provide a cushion for your seat. This is literally a cushion on top of a wooden or folding chair, but it is plushy! The front row will provide the most legroom and a completely unobstructed view.

Absinthe at Caesars Palace
The cast of Absinthe at Caesars Palace.

One thing to note is that the chairs are very tight and offer very little to no leg room. This would be the main reason to purchase a table or the front row. If I ever go again, I think I would splurge for a table. While I thought the fourth row was great, I did have to move my head a few times to see past the person in front of me and that took me out of the moment for a few seconds. An elevated VIP table would eliminate this obstruction and offer ample leg room. The fourth row and back (minus the tables) puts you just outside of the more expensive seats, while still feeling up close and personal with all the action, so they are overall a great value.

One good thing to note is that the Absinthe tent itself is air conditioned! So as tight as seating is, I was never in fear of sweating on the person next to me. The tent was actually a very comfortable temperature, without being freezing, throughout the performance and I did not need the sweater I brought along.


Purchasing Tickets To Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace

I love a good deal. Honestly though, without any discounts, the price of this show is worth it. Luckily, I never like to pay full price, so of course, I’ll fill you in on how to score the best price without the headache of having to scour the internet. Head over to Best of Las Vegas via this page and receive $16 off each ticket of already low ticket prices. I looked at places like Ticketmaster, Tix4Tonight and even discount booths while I was in Las Vegas. I couldn’t find a better deal. Beware: Ticket prices look the same on the surface, but you have to get all the way to check out only to find taxes and the dreaded service fees tacked on. Let me save you the time. Best of Las Vegas ends up being the cheapest.

If you are wondering, I did decide to purchase tickets for my 60+ parents to see the show with us. What did they think? Well, my father laughed so hard he cried a little and he still talks about the show weeks later and breaks out laughing. My mother was amazed and thought it was the best thing she ever saw. Colin and I agree. Absinthe st Caesar’s palace was a highlight of our trip and we did some pretty awesome things like seeing the Grand Canyon.


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Have you seen absinthe at Caesar’s Palace? What did you think? Do you have questions about the show? Let me know in the comments below!


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